If you’re new to Ponderosa Farmstead, we’re the kind of place your grandparents would boast about—with cheese so fresh it tastes like it’s made from the morning’s milking… because it is.

Our goal is to provide you and your family with farm-fresh cheese. That’s why we only use milk from the animals we raise on our third-generation family farm, Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy, LLC, to make our cheese.

Carrying on our father’s legacy of innovation and his dedication to wholesome products, we bought Ron’s Wisconsin Cheese, LLC in 2014 and launched the Ponderosa Farmstead product line shortly thereafter.

Ponderosa Farmstead has grown significantly under the direction of Bryan Pagel, son of dairy visionary John Pagel, and Wisconsin Licensed Cheesemaker Ben Shibler.

Ben leads the on-farm creamery, closely monitoring every batch of artisan cheese that runs through the plant for the perfect taste and texture. His love for cheesemaking took him from a novice role in plant sanitation at age 21 to now taking part in the elite Wisconsin Master Cheesemaker program decades later. His commitment to fresh, quality ingredients and the Dairy State is what drew him to Ponderosa Farmstead.

“It’s a cheesemaker’s dream—to be this close to the milk source and use it within seconds. If you gave any cheesemaker a blank check and said, ‘Here, design your own plant,’ they’re gonna build a plant on the farm, I’ll guarantee it.”

Ben Shibler

Our farmstead lies near Lake Michigan in Kewaunee, Wisconsin on a limestone rock layer known as the Niagara escarpment. The minerals in the earth create lush pastures and forage, and the lake breeze in the summer months keeps the herds of dairy cows cool and content. It’s why the dairy industry and cheesemakers settled here generations ago.

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Family Farming Values

Ponderosa Farmstead’s cheesemaking operation is located on Pagel’s Ponderosa Dairy Farm, which the Pagel family has owned and operated since 1946. They are passionate farmers who lead the way on progressive dairy practices.

The Pagel family carefully tends to the soil and feeds only the best ingredients to their cows, like grass and alfalfa. The result is the freshest milk production possible which is the secret to our rich, creamy, preservative-free farmstead cheese.

It’s an only-in-Wisconsin combination. With herdsmen and craftsmen all under one roof, milk goes from cow to cheese vat in 90-seconds flat.

Award-Winning Cheese

When all aspects of the cheesemaking process are ideal, the outcome is World Class Cheese.

The World Cheese Championship and World Cheese Awards have recognized our hand-made whips and string cheese as among the very best on the planet.

  • World Cheese Awards, String Cheese Silver Medal
  • World Cheese Championship, Whips Silver Medal
  • World Cheese Championship, Mini Whips Bronze Medal

From cow to cheese in just six hours and then delivered right to your door, it doesn’t get more farm-fresh than that.

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